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Video as a lighting tool is as integral to a design as any other luminescent device. In the early 2000's, we made the conscious decision to facilitate the ever increasing need for tightly integrated video and lighting scenic designs and systems.  eleven DESIGN has had the pleasure of working on some of the most difficult and rewarding video mapping projects in Australasian television, corporate and theatrical events.

Acknowledging that part of the creative process is indeed in the playback, as much as it is in the creation, eleven DESIGN employs various media replay systems for all types of media control. Our media server inventory includes the ever popular Disguise systems, Pixera, MA VPU and Coolux servers. These systems extend the creative process from the creation phase, through to the replay and show day phases of a project, allowing for the utmost in flexibility. The workflows and systems that we employ throughout the entire process are what makes us flexible and appropriate for any environment where video plays an integral role.  

The Masked Singer Japan -  The inaugural season of  The Masked Singer in Japan, saw eleven DESIGN in charge of all motion graphic screen content and integration with our lighting design. Working remotely on both disciplines was a huge challenge but resulted in a spectacular opening season of the franchise distributed on the Amazon Prime platform.

Australia Day Live 2021 -  eleven DESIGN built all the custom LED screen content for the two hour long broadcast celebrating Australia's rich and diverse culture. Set of the forecourt of the iconic Sydney Opera House, the broadcast saw us fly in not only custom animated content, but also pre produced content integrating performers from other states around Australia.  

Eurovision, Australia Decides - 2019/20 - eleven DESIGN were assigned the privilege of designing and creating all the motion graphic video content for all performances and guest performances for the inaugural and subsequent events. This allowed for a seamless integration of lighting and video creative treatments across the broadcast. 

Take Me Out - 2018 - eleven DESIGN were excited to be involved in not only building all the content for the 2018 Australian version of Take Me out, but also provide the gaming engine behind all the button presses for the 30 contestants. Utilising the Stumfl AVIO Wings system, each button triggered audio, lighting and video cues, whilst counting down to a 'Black Out'. Whilst the show seems relativly simple to the viewer, the complex web of triggering and counting underneath is anything but. 

Dance Boss Australia - 2018 - A new reality based Dance contest for groups. Produced by the Seven Network. 

The Remix India - 2017 Made for the Amazon Prime platform, eleven Design provided all video replay and content creation for the gruelling 10 episode 2017 run. The show was a runaway success for Amazon and involved complex LED mapping to for the 30+ LED surfaces of the studio.

Asia's Got Talent - 2015/17/18/19 Breaking ratings records all over Asia with over 200 million viewers, Asia's Got Talent continues the franchises long history and celebrates the wide variety of talent that Asia has to offer.

Young Talent Time - 2012 A broadcast television project with a video map exceeding 12,000 horizontal pixels. It was, and still is, the largest amount of pixels in a video map on Australian television. eleven DESIGN created content for up to six performances each week for the four month production period. 23 separate render outputs were required to playback the complicated map across five different densities of LED surfaces. 

The X Factor Australia - eleven Design are proud to be associated with this long running project. For eight seasons, we have designed and built content to accent every musical nuance of dozens of performances each week. 

Australia's Got Talent - in 2013, 2015 and 2018, eleven DESIGN were a part of the creative team providing content for the nationally broadcast show. Pandoras Box once again is the hub of the playback system and tightly integrates the lighting and video elements of the show. 

NRL Footy Show Grand Finals - 2012 > 17, eleven DESIGN have constructed content for this annual epic. From the players revue segment, to special guest artists and bespoke backgrounds, this show is always a big exercise. The MA VPU system has been integral to the playback of content across multiple surfaces and integrating in to the overall production design. 

Mongolia's Got Talent - in 2015 and 16, eleven DESIGN built all the motion graphic content for the inaugural season of Mongolia's Got Talent. Breaking ratings records for Mongolia, we look forward to season two later in 2016.

The Voice Australia - For four seasons, eleven Design have been responsible for all replay and motion graphic content creation. The Voice is a pressure cooker of ideas and timelines run on very tight deadlines and turnarounds. It is the systems the team has in place that make this demanding show work. 

The X Factor New Zealand - In 2013 and 2015, New Zealand bought in to the worldwide X Factor franchise. eleven DESIGN played an integral role in lighting design and motion graphic content across the two seasons. 

Singapore National Day 2008 - As part of the lighting design, the visual landscape called for a low resolution mesh screen to ring the perimeter of the floating stage. eleven DESIGN configured a mixture of custom and stock content for Singapore's largest annual celebration.  

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